With Host Acadiana, you will have access to a very user–friendly site creation tool. It is really easy to use and master and it features a user interface that can be immediately recognizable to everyone who has ever utilized an admin panel. The site creation tool features a range of eye–pleasing site themes which you can edit with a click and craft a site to your taste. Last but not least, every site template is fully responsive, so your completely new website will be amazing on mobile devices from the get go.

The site creation tool is a part of the Host Acadiana Online Control Panel, offered with all shared services, Linux VPS hosting services, Linux semi-dedicated services, and Linux dedicated hosting services plans.

An uncomplicated site creation tool

No technical background is necessary

The site creation tool packed with the Host Acadiana user interface is very intuitive. It lets you design your site via plain point–n–click actions. You won’t have to be versed in HTML, CSS or any other backend language. If you have so far worked with a web application or simply a text editing app, then you’ll already understand how to use the site creation tool.

From the tool’s site editor, you can re–arrange page contents as you want and customize their style with a click of the mouse. Also, you can insert images, videos, and even your own forum, etc. in no time.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A set of simple–to–customize designs

Good–looking site designs that look excellent on mobile phones

To generate an engaging site, you will need a stable foundation. Because of this, the Host Acadiana’s site creation tool offers a decent selection of exceptional site templates, ideal for any kind of site – personal profiles, ecommerce stores, forums, etc.

Each website design is simple–to–customize, with lots of patterns, unique color setups and integrated support for more than 100 different fonts. You could customize each of these options with a click of the mouse. Plus, to top it all off, if at any moment you want to change your theme and go for a new one, all changes you’ve implemented will be moved over instantly.

A set of simple–to–customize designs

Built–in help area and how–to video tutorials

See how simple it indeed is to launch a site

The Host Acadiana’s site creation tool offers a very helpful Help Center where you can find a variety of step–by–step articles and videos that are created after the most regularly asked questions by clients.

They will assist you if you wish to see how to add a new web page, how to modify the color setups of your website theme, how to add a discussion portal module or even just how to change your whole site template.

In addition to that, we a support team that is at hand 24/7, ready to answer any of your questions.

Video Tutorials